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Total 1 Security Access Control SystemAt Total 1 Security our access control systems offers a secure, flexible, convenient and cost efficient way to secure your building.

Security alarms, video surveillance and access control systems are the most common forms of electronic security used in the North American market today. At Total1security we Sell, Install, Services and maintain all leading brands of Security systems and associated Security products that you are familiar and comfortable using in your home, office and industrial environments.
What Will an Access Control System for total1security do For My Business?

Adds an extra layer of security and safety.
Automatically records all activity to let you know who came in and when.
Can be set to record traffic activity years in advance to accommodate holidays and special needs.
Let’s you restrict and control employee access within the premises.
Allows temporary access to specified areas while the rest of your business is locked down.
Offers the ability to void any card at any time.

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